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Stevens Drive Storage, LLC and Stevens Drive Containers, LLC were established in 2014 to bring outdoor storage rental and storage container rental services to the Tri-Cities, Washington region.


For most who work on the Hanford Site or in North Richland, the location of the storage yard, at Stevens Drive and Smartpark Street, is on your way every day. Imagine the convenience of being able to stop and pick up your motor home, trailer, or boat on your way home from work, without a side-trip far out of your way. The outdoor storage yard is located at 975 Smartpark Street in Richland, just east of Stevens Drive on Smartpark. The business office is located at 1030 Battelle Boulevard, Suite 102, in the Sigma Management, Inc. office.

Stevens Drive Storage provides uniquely convenient outdoor storage, for RVs, boats, and other outdoor storage items. The facility contains over 150,000 square feet, fully encircled in screened chain-link security fence topped with 3-strand barbed wire. Access is controlled by automatic gate with unique keypad access code for each renter. The facility is lighted at night and is 24-hour video monitored. The facility has generously sized spaces, with the ability to accommodate most RVs up to 45 feet in length and wide drive-lanes provide excellent access.

Stevens Drive Containers rents 8 foot by 20 foot and 8 foot by 40 foot steel storage containers placed either at a rented site at Stevens Drive Storage, or on your site. Full-width clamshell doors with sturdy locking bars provide wide access and secure closure. The storage containers can be locked with the renter-provided lock.

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